When All Four Energies Come Together

Posted by kelly on February 8, 2012 at 6:15 PM

This morning I took a spin class that brought me to a state of true bliss. Martha, a very seasoned instructor I hadn't met yet, was able to activate my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energies all at once. The music was all instrumental, some African drumming with some jazz mingled in. :) I loved it! She took us on a strength ride, some standing and seated climbs and seated flats.

I found that fifteen minutes into the ride, I was totally in the moment. Martha's commanding, yet calming and encouraging words took me to a place I haven't been in awhile. I felt strong, focused, joyful and connected to spirit. I was almost brought to tears half way through the hour long ride.

This was a class that was not only a physical training but a life training. I went up to her after class and introduced myself as a fellow instructor and told her what a wonderful experience that was and asked her how she got into spinning. We had a fifteen minute conversation about how spinning was her way of releasing stress from things that were going on in her life. Riding was a moving meditation for her. That was definitely what it was for me today. Martha has mastered her craft by being able to get us to visualize being in the moment and connecting to our higher self and the greatness we all have inside of us.



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