Changing Your Beliefs Will Change Your Life

Posted by kelly on May 13, 2012 at 8:25 AM

 Beliefs create reality.

If you believe something to be true, it will come into your life by putting it into action. Beliefs can be positive or negative and whatever your belief, you will bring it into your life. We all have or have had negative thought patterns in our lives. These negative thoughts can be very deep seated. They are thoughts that are lying underneath and behind your conscious thoughts that you are thinking on an everyday basis.

To change these thoughts you have to be persistent, and you will need a burning desire to train your mind into thinking differently. You will have to do a little brainwash and afterwards a lot of re-learning with your new and healthy thoughts.

Sometimes it can be hard to change a belief; perhaps we really believe it to be true, at other times we cannot see another way to believe.

If you really want something to happen and yet you cannot change your belief system at the moment, just try the mechanical approach.

Each time you catch yourself thinking there is no different way, stop yourself and change the phrase to say that there is a positive way. That is all you need to do in the first phase.

Gradually, the mechanical thought will develop the first step into manifesting your new belief. As time goes on, and you continue to believe and reinforce the new belief by changing every negative thought into a positive one, you will discover that the mechanical approach has been replaced by a real belief and your new habit will have become a part of your life. I am currently “Acting as if” by writing down my top 5 passions as if they are already happening and posting them in strategic places. The mirror, the nightstand, the car dashboard, the fridge, etc…

I also came across these subliminal mp3 recordings to help you change your negative thoughts into positive ones on just about every possible topic.  You can download three free recordings and then it is  $15 for each additional one. Check it out:

With a little work, you will be the positive, healthy and abundant person you have always wanted to be.

Coaching Inquiries: What negative thought patterns do you want to change and how will you start working on them today?


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