Kelly Coleman, Certified Wellness Coach

Atlanta, Georgia

A coach can offer you something that you can't see from within your life. A coach is an objective, non judgmental professional who gives you encouragement, support, advice, and strategy to win or perform at your very best. For athletics, lifestyle changes, or for personal life effectiveness, a life coach can guide you, teach you, and support you in achieving things in your life that you’ve wanted—or once had & want back. Life coaches can coach you to greater success and happiness in your career, your relationships, your self image, your physical, mental and emotional health, and life. We will look at the causes that are holding you back which have a lot to do with your thoughts. I can help you change your thoughts to ones that will serve the best version of yourself.

What We Do

We coach you to get better results and to get the things that you want. We coach you to get more from your life, your career, your relationships, and yourself. We ask empowering questions, we help you clarify your goals, we work with you to define your priorities and values, and we provide feedback. We may suggest assignments such as reading or we may encourage you to put new tools into practice. We’ll help you get and stay organized, and help keep you directed, focused, and IN MOTION.

What We Don’t Do

We don’t provide therapy. We don’t heal deep emotional wounds or ruminate over past relationships or losses. We don’t get lost in the past or spend excessive amounts of time on issues that aren’t productive at really moving you forward. Coaching is future-focused and interactive. You are the driver of the bus, and you are your own life manager. We stay focused on the present situation, stay focused on the desired outcome, and stay focused on moving forward, toward the end result. We don’t tell you what to do (although we may make suggestions.) We don’t set your goals for you. We don’t tell you how to run your business, how to live your life, or how to lose weight. Instead, we believe that you already hold most of the answers, probably already know what you should do, and may benefit from some simple guidance, direction, and planning. You will choose where you want to focus your energy, what you want to work on, and how you will do it. We may suggest assignments or exercises to help you move through the process, but the choice is ultimately yours, as are the positive results. We can be your biggest fan, your greatest resource, and a great source of strength, insight, and clarity as you become clear about who you are, what you want, and how you can get it.

Who We Coach

We coach people just like you—motivated, competent individuals who are smart and resourceful, who may simply be stuck, in need of a little direction, or are contemplating a big life change. Perhaps you need a little direction. A little focus. A little push to do all those things you’ve wanted to, but for some reason or another, haven’t. That’s where life coaching can help. If you’re ready to STOP DOING WHAT DOESN’T WORK, then contact us and let’s get started doing what DOES work. It’s time to take action, and get your life in motion.

Who Can Benefit from Coaching?

Almost anyone who is ready to stop doing what doesn’t work, start doing something that does, and get BETTER RESULTS. Maybe you feel as though life is passing you by, or your focus on work or family has led to a diminished sense of self-worth or efficacy. You may look at others and wonder how they find the time, the energy, or the ambition to do what they do. You may look back at times in your life when you felt happy and fulfilled—and simply miss that feeling. Whatever the case, we can point you in a different direction, keep you motivated and encouraged, and provide you with insight, motivation, and techniques by which you can get the most from your life and be the best YOU that you can be, then COACHING may be just what you need. What holds us back from living our best life? For some it’s fear; for others it’s time management. For yet others, it’s an inability to prioritize goals. And for many, it’s just a matter of not knowing where to begin. We can point you in the right direction, help you define your goals, discover what your personal obstacles and barriers are, and give you a different perspective on things. Why waste another day being stuck?

"Kelly has been my wellness coach for 6 months now and the changes in my life that she has helped me with have been nothing short of astonishing! With her support and knowledge she has helped me develop and maintain goals that have helped me lose 30 pounds, renew an exercise program for the first time in 8 years, clean out my condo, buy a new car and expand my social life. I would recommend her services to anybody!"  Matt A.

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